A4Adesign :Lines, Elements, Colours

May 10, 2014

Milan, April 30, 2014 – The Italian company A4Adesign, internationally known for its creations in recycled cardboard, presents its own way of planning. Starting with a simple form, and developing a concept and different ways of setting-up. Without limits, moving from small formats, which are ideal for decorative elements and allusive shapes, to macro dimensions for humongous structures. This is how A4Adesign creates its minimalist and iconic, functional and sustainable fittings and installations for exhibitions, retail areas and events.The material used plays a fundamental role: light, versatile and eye-catching recycled and recyclable honeycomb cardboard.A4Adesign is inspired by archetypal forms, and its style is one of clean lines that resort to contrasts when necessary. Its projects are always spectacular and are the synthesis of different elements: the eye of the designer, the overall vision of the architect (a profession the designers still practice), the playful component in designing, the use of an ecological and easy-to-handle material.

Design: A4Adesign http://www.a4adesign.it/

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