ABCD and O by Kukka Studio and Rona Meyuchas-­Koblenz

May 31, 2016

ABCD and O – Kukka Studio and designer Rona Meyuchas- Koblenz have launched two new table designs, ABCD and O, in collaboration with Caesarstone and Prinz Optics GmbH. Showcased as part of project ‘Spectra’ at Frame Magazine’s curated exhibition ‘What’s the Matter? Design for a Phygital World’ during Milan Design Week 2016, the two new tables from Kukka are now available to order via Kukka (

ABCD and O are both occasional side tables made of two different materials,dichroic glass and quartz. Inspired by reflection and refraction, absorbent and repellent, Kukka aims to create a dialogue between the two materials and demonstrate how the environment can influence the design object, ‘ I am very much interested in using simple geometry and basic materials to create something unique and timeless, and expressing the significant conditions affected by light and time, ‘ says Rona Meyuchas- Koblenz, founde of Kukka Studio.

For project ‘Spectra’, Kukka has collaborated closely with Caesarstone and Prinz Optics GmbH, both of which are the pioneers in their field in manufacturing and innovation. Produced by Caesarstone in Caesarea, Israel, the 12mm white quartz slabs are made of reclaimed materials (93% quartz), which are solid, absorbent and repellent; while the dichroic glass- made by Prinz Optics GmbH in Germany – is transparent, reflecting and refracting. The latter is created using a 6mm Borosilicate glass which is then coated with an inorganic dichroic filter, making it highly resistant and durable.

With dichroic glass (derived from the Greek word ‘dichroos’ meaning bi-­‐coloured), almost every colour of the spectrum can be generated – both addictive (red, green and blue) and subtractive (yellow, magenta and cyan).The effect results from the interference of light waves by thin, optically transparent coatings that split white light into colours. The ABCD is composed of two individual tables: one in dichroic glass and one in quartz, while the O Table is composed of a dichroic glass top and quartz base that comprises two finely cut and polished slabs.

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