Archiplan- Planimetric graphology by Babina

July 29, 2016

Archiplan- The architectural plan is a formula to order the anarchy of space. Capture and sculpt invisible masses of space following personal balance rules. Asymmetries and symmetries, curves lines and straight lines, solids and voids, sounds and silences, lights and shadows are the elements that alternate and follow each other in a geometric pattern to draw a built environment. In this illustration project , I had fun interpreting the planimetric language of some architects, modeling it in a schedule made out of labyrinths. 26 planimetric daedal that define a sort of alphabet composed of ideograms through which talk about architecture. Analyze an architectural plan is how to make a graphology study. The plans are like the signatures of architects and can reveal conceptual details on the artistic and aesthetics personality of its authors. These Archiplan illustrations are like dynamic labyrinths that as abstract symbols guide the movement through space, towards an idea and interact with the architectural volume.

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