Bardula Exhibition at Art Paris 2018 by Galerie La Ligne

April 5, 2018

Bardula: Galerie La Ligne (Zürich, Switzerland) is pleased to present Paris based artist Bardula’s new artwork at Art Paris 2018 (booth E6), the international art fair annually held at the Grand Palais from April 5th to April 8th.

Art Paris celebrates this year its 20 year anniversary, and its guest of honor is Switzerland. Galerie La Ligne, on the occasion of its sixth participation to Art Paris, will be featuring Bardula’s artistic output for the third time (the Belgian artist has been represented by the gallery since 2015).

Bardula will reveal for this exhibition several of her recent works created specifically for the forthcoming art fair, and inspired by the different states of water : a series of artworks all featuring LED’s technology, which furthers studies the spheres and kinetic progressions previously initiated, and draws from the natural complexity of water molecules and their crystallization.

Bardula, for her third participation at Art Paris, continues her exploration of mathematical figures, extracted from virtual 3D geometrical algorithm, and spiraling movements inspired by vortex phenomenon, magnified through laser and LED-technology.Bardula harnesses light and matter to study the correlation between 2D and 3D, and creates kinetic light works that are mesmerizing and magnetics.

On the theme of Art Paris 2018, Bardula dedicates one of her artworks to Switzerland, named after the blue of the town of Zurich, in tribute to the city where she was born, and to the Galerie La Ligne: Zurich Blue.

“This blue crystallization alludes to a fragment of glacial geometry that appeared millions of years ago in a geological creasing. The snow of the Alps is the most prodigious image of Switzerland, and the mineral architecture of solid water embodied in the everlasting perfection of a snowflake is represented here. The vortex movement within this artwork is a reference to time passing and how it is related to light. Inspired by water and ice from the mountains, it is dedicated to the melting glaciers of our planet that we all woul
like to see remaining blue.” Bardula, Art Paris 2018

About BARDULA: It is a pseudonym, created by a Belgian artist born in Zürich and based in Brussels until 1993, New York until 2002, and Paris ever since. Bardula has collaborated with an architect and scenographer whom she met in Paris shortly after her return from New York in 2002.

With a degree in architecture from the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, it was his attraction to scenographic 3D modelling and light that would lead, following a stint at Ora-ïto, to the gradual coincidence of his world with that of Bardula, giving birth to a conceptual and technological symbiosis.

Bardula’s recent work is the result of the union and collaboration of two artists, a gold- and silversmith and an architect. Bardula’s work is designed and produced at her studio in the south of Paris. Since 2015, Bardula has been represented by the Swiss gallery La Ligne.

About Galerie La Ligne: Located in Zürich, Switzerland, Galerie La Ligne specializes in geometric Art Concret, Constructive Art, Kinetic Art and Optical Art. The gallery represents international artists assertive in their artwork.

The artists represented by La Ligne include Aurélie Nemours, Haruhiko Sunagawa, Sonia Delaunay, Vera Molnar, Ueli Gantner, Marie-Thérèse Vacossin, Victor Hulik and Christian Megert among others. Their recurrent themes are light, space, tension, rhythm, which are the foundation of these artistic movements.

Exhibitions are held in the gallery or, externally, in museums, such as the Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Switzerland, the St Wendel Museum, Germany, the Angerlehner Museum, Germany, and the MFK-Berlin Museum, Germany, or art fairs such as Art Paris (for the fifth consecutive year), Art Zürich, Art Cologne and Art Genève.

Exhibition Title:  Art Paris 2018

Type:  International Art Fair

Exhibition Location: Grand Palais, Paris

Opening Date:  5th to 8th April, 2018

Guest of honor:  Switzerland

Presented by:  Galerie La Ligne, Zürich

Artist/Designer:  Bardula

Artworks: A Kinetic & Optical Light Series of vortex

phenomenon with Laser & LED-technology

Inspired by:  water and ice from the mountains

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