Barton in Barcelona by Vibia Lighting

August 11, 2015

VIBIA’s mission is to provide the right solution in terms of light, inspiring the creative abilities of architecture, interior and lighting design professionals, with a unique range of products.

With its fresh and new designs, VIBIA explores how to awaken the emotion and surprise of each space through its collections. In doing so, its high level of technical ability plays a fundamental role, generating invisible technology that allows the enchanting and magical effect of its light fixtures.

Through its constant quest for innovation, VIBIA aims to build a strong connection with architecture and interior design professionals, offering them an extensive range of tools for creation on its unique online platform. The aim of the online professional area is to assist in the creation of customised designs, as well as stimulate creativity by allowing professionals to preview and visualize the lighting result in the desired setting.

Once the customised light fixture has been created, VIBIA oversees its assembly and elaborates specific technical instructions in order to install it. VIBIA relies on close interaction with consumers and professionals around the world, offering the tools and resources that can help them use VIBIA collections in the most creative way.

VIBIA has grown in versatility, including collections designed to suit a variety of spaces besides the residential ones, moving towards new proposals to generate unique atmospheres in collective, public or commercial environments. In its most recent proposals, VIBIA has been a pioneer in the lighting industry, introducing new categories and concepts that meet real needs projection and pose unique and innovative options.

Among these new categories, we find the Sculptural Pendants, Skylights, Wall Arts, Furniture meets Light, Landscape Integration Lighting, Digital Co-Creation and Spot(less).

Each section of VIBIA catalogue (Ceiling, Wall, Hanging, Floor, Table, Bathroom, and Outdoor) provides solutions in accordance with each basic lighting function, such as general, indirect or accent lighting, reading lights, orientation and beaconing.

Furthermore, VIBIA’s proposals provide an extremely comprehensive range of solutions that integrate highly efficient lighting sources, the latest generation LED light sources and dimmable systems.

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