Berlin Design Selection Milano 2015

May 6, 2015

Once again in 2015, the state of Berlin will represent its design scene in foreign markets under the established brand “Berlin Design Selection”. The brand was founded by the Landes initiative Projekt Zukunft and the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research. Dynamo Design e.V. was commissioned to realize these international exhibitions. The aim of these presentations abroad is to open up new markets for Berlin-based design companies and studios in terms of a broader networking with producers, distributors and trade companies.
The Berlin Design Selection Tour is going to stop at some of the most renowned design fairs and festivals worldwide in order to present a selection of design objects, products and prototypes by Berlin-based designers and, thus, position as well as showcase Berlin design on an international level.

m01- Mark Braun

The m01 trestle was designed by Mark Braun on a briefing of Berlin based editor minimum, for whom the renown furniture manufacturer THONET is producing the trestles. Trestles are an essential part of the start-up scene. There are many trestles on the market, but only very few are adjustable in height. Especially employees of start-up companies are looking for individual- working heights, which common trestles cannot provide. m01 is made of steel tubes, inspired by the beauty and the statics of bike frames. It allows for easy height adjustment and its fork is foldable for comfortable flat pack transportation.

Italic Light- Coordination berlin

With “Italic Light” we created a sculptural, versatile side light that transforms from a shining atmospheric marble object to a directional light source. The touch-dim function lets the user interact intuitively with the design. Italic Light comes equipped with a high performance long-life LED ring, a built-in transformer and textile cable. This crafted edition piece with its reduced sculptural approach plays on classic and postmodern design iconography. Italic Light works well on sideboards, shelves and tables.

Moon- Hettler.tüllmann

With time a mirror shows signs of decay. Revealing spots and clouds of oxidation it slowly turns into a micro universe. Lose your gaze in the depths of its fading reflection.

Woods– Hettler.tüllmann

A steel plate serves as base for an array of wooden sticks. Adding more plates the line of sticks grows – dividing rooms, shaping spaces, storing and arranging coats & hats, garments & shawls.

Haze– Hettler.tüllmann

With the Haze series from Indonesia hettler. tüllmann continue their quest to explore rattan, a material with a high ecological value. It grows in degraded forests or marginal soil as well as in natural tropical forests and offer extreme flexibility and great capacities to be shaped and formed. In addition, rattan creates employment opportunity for the local communities without interrupting the existing ecosystem.

Nest No1, Nest No2 & Spin– Hettler.tüllmann

Over the past years hettler.tüllmann have followed traditional crafts in various parts of the world with great curiosity. The discovery of People of the Sun was a fruitful encounter. The NGO fosters creative synergies between international designers and its partner artisan clubs. Around the resources that are available hettler.tüllmann designed objects combining basket weaving and lathing techniques.

Wooden slide projectors- Hillsideout

A small pendant light which illuminates your mood through a projection from nature or maybe from you own past moments as the slide inside can be changed. The simple version projects an image towards the ground, e.g. on a table, and the deluxe version permits through the rotation of the mirror also a projection towards a wall. A beautiful handcrafted object made of Italian wood for creating unique and suggestive atmospheres.

Raku tea-tables– Hillsideout

The handcrafted and unique raku tea-tables are made of white raku ceramics, different kinds of wood, carbon fiber and old tables legs coming from the mid of the 19th century. Our intent was to build joyful furniture pieces based on different traditions, which become contemporary and balanced simply by combining them in an unusual way. The raku ceramics in the middle of the tabletop show graphical drawings of snow crystals. These pictures come from microphotographs taken by W.A. Bentley, who photographed his first snowflake under a microscope in 1885.
During almost half a century he found not just a few crystal varieties, but many hundreds of forms, all based on a common hexagonal pattern. He published more than 2000 beautiful microphotographs in 1931 revealing the wonder of nature’s diversity in uniformity: no two are alike.

REGARD- Martin Holzapfel

REGARD is a semi-high cabinet made of laquered wood with a pedestal as its base. Opened by double wing doors, it appears to have two, or even three dimensions, due to its construction and coloring. The graphic ornamentation of the body of the cabinet corresponds with the sculptural base in a way which gives the optical illusion of a changing form. The coloring perfectly balances tension and harmony.

Stick – Lights- Hopf, Nordin

Updating the kerosene lamp for the 21st century, we removed all redundant details and three core elements remained. A crystal-clear cylindrical “wick” made from a novel material that distributes light evenly in all directions. A square metal “reservoir” containing the electronics. A tactile “thimble” for switching and dimming.

Flute – Lights– Hopf, Nordin

Inspired by the working principle of a wooden organs’ flue pipe array, light is bounced internally, emerging glare-free from the labium. Flute is made from only two parts; nested geometries that allow for many exciting material and colour combinations. A small companion for bedside tables, consoles and sideboards.

Voronoi Cell – Tables– Hopf, Nordin 

After choosing contour and height, Voronoi cell tables evolve as transparent and lightweight load-bearing truss, consisting of closed and open cells. Each cell is manually bent from perforated stainless steel. The cells are bonded with a structural adhesive, leaving the table free of visually disruptive details. The weight of the glass top further increases its rigidity.

Chinese Lattice – Shelves/Room Dividers– Hopf, Nordin 

The shelves and room-dividers are a set of freely configurable interconnecting frames that form a self-supporting load-bearing truss wall; a modular concept that adapts to any given spatial situation. The frames are made from Finnish plywood, jointed with wood propeller glue. Form and depth of each frame can be varied to obtain an individually arranged façade that can be further structured through choice of color and plywood thickness. No backing boards or tension wires disrupt the object’s transparency. With only a coin for a tool, shelves and walls are easily assembled and dismantled.

Concrete Table- Metrofarm

Round table with three table-legs made of concrete. The tabletop is made of smoked oak. The elements are connected with special bronze screws.

YVE – wooden side table- VIDS — Veicht Industrial Design Studio

The inspiration for this wooden side table came from the lightness of tree tops holding a birds nest. It is made from American cherrywood and follows the idea of creating a piece of wooden furniture that seems and is light in person but made of the solid material.

STRATO – news rack– VIDS — Veicht Industrial Design Studio

This monolithic sculptural shaped news rack is made from smoked glass and coated steel panel. The idea behind the design is to capture the density of the paperwise shaped steel within a sponge. Communicating as a form, the object transports its function as a shelter for magazines, papers and books.

The Marlon Collection- Studio Axel Veit

The Marlon Lounge Chair has a dynamic and modern appearance with a hint of midcentury design. Its main feature is its wide and inviting back rest; on the generous seat it allows for many comfortable seating positions. Also ones arms find a naturally relaxed space on the back rest. The Marlon Otto man, Side Table, and the Marlon Coffee Tables neatly complement the set. The Marlon Collection is hand crafted in Germany. The Marlon Lounge Chair with Ottoman and Side Table has received the iF Design Award 2015, as well as the Interior Innovation Award Winner 2015 from the German Design Council.

Wallpaper: Caviar Silk, Chocolate Homage to Pollock and Caramel Oriental- Gosia Warrink

The raised, graphic pattern of the “Caviar Silk” wallpaper is reminiscent of flowing silk. Anyone who takes a closer look will be surprised to recognize black caviar, which forms arched structures and resembles a costly wall covering. The motifs “Chocolate Homage to Pollock” and “Caramel Oriental” can also only be construed at second glance – what drips, flows and creates embellishments on the canvas or wall is nothing less than caramel and chocolate. Nothing is as it seems: artistic from afar, surprisingly delicious up close.

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