Binary by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell

June 27, 2014

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell who designed Lady Gaga’s now famous “Binary Chair” and has partnered with VOTIVO for a limited edition BINARY CANDLE.As the centerpiece of Lady Gaga’s Art Pop album campaign, the Binary Chair has been shadowing Gaga’s tour stops and acting as a “means of communication” between the pop star and her fans. It’s in this creative journey for Benjamin, where art and music collide, that the inspiration for the BINARY CANDLE was born.Capturing the essence of Caldwell’s futuristic take on electronic lifecycles in both aesthetic and distinctive recyclable materials, VOTIVO and Caldwell have collaborated to create an affordable, yet one-of-a-kind art collectors piece.Similar to Caldwell’s Binary Collection pieces, The BINARY CANDLE is covered in a handcrafted collage of  motherboards, computer chips, and hard drive disks.

Design: Benjamin Rollins Caldwell and Votivo

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