Blowing Man by Antonio Aricò & Editamateria

May 6, 2015

Blowing Man- Since 2014, Antonio and a few of his iconic products have been selected and adopted by Editamateria. Created in 2014 by Silvia Ariemma, Editamateria’s goal is to give a voice to Italian amazing forces and resources, and unite artisans and designers for creative and unique collaborations that will show the world the power of Italian craft.

During one week, the studio showroom “P8” located in zona Brera, in via Palermo will present a few pieces issued from previous collections of Antonio Aricò : the Water Pitcher Block, the Oil Tank and the Oil Bottle but also new strong pieces designed especially for the design fair.Antonio Aricò explains: ‘2015 is an important year for me; I want to go over my boundaries and my usual aesthetics. This year is about exploring new possibilities and myself. My pieces and the all show tell a story: it is an artisanal dialogue. We both worked hand in hand to achieve and create these uncommon and sophisticated objects that we are both very proud of.’In collaboration with Massimo Lunardon, Antonio Aricò has designed new glass pieces. More than just creating new products, Antonio wanted to tell a story. The history of the art of glass blowing that will be actually told by the object itself. It is not a project only related to the concept of aesthetics and functionality.It is a simple and neutral interpretation full of delicacy and poetry but also a fun way to introduce the general theme of Milan Expo 2015 ‘Art de la table’ that will be interpreted by many artists before and during the expo. He also wanted to work with ceramics, one of his key passion, and decided to work with the sister Pellicano from his hometown: Reggio Calabria, on plates and a watering container. The show will present also work from Oliver Thomas Wall, another designer creating under the Editamateria flag – a soon to become Italian artisans identity.

Blowing Man:

Antonio Aricò-



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