Boom boom by Binauric

December 13, 2014

First Speaker to Record 3-Dimensional Sound Comes to U.S.

New York, NY (October 1, 2014) – This week Boom Boom, an artfully designed speaker that was unveiled during Milan Design Week 2014, comes to the U.S. The speaker, created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur for Binauric, will make its American debut with an exclusive app that will revolutionize how we hear and record sound: in 3D.

This is the first speaker ever to allow 3D recording at home – and on the go. The app that will enable 3-Dimensional recording will be made available this November. Lehanneur is known for blending fantasy with functionality – and for sharing his unique approach to sound at TED. He says: “When I was recording with my smartphone the sound was slim and flat. Now, with anything I record, the sound is around me. It’s wonderful to watch people listen to a 3D recording made with Boom Boom. They close their eyes, and always a smile appears. It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced.”

Boom Boom does more than diffuse sound like a typical speaker. Built as an open platform loaded with technology, it is designed to undertake new functions as time goes on – without requiring additional components. Through crowd sourced features and collaborations with artists and students, Boom Boom can absorb capabilities that might range from recording sound to performing as a game or musical instrument.

The first of its new features will be 3D recording, powered by the forthcoming app. In addition to the beauty of the device’s evolving abilities is the beauty of the device itself. Inspired by a piece of fruit with no top or bottom, Boom Boom is sized to fit comfortably in the hand – and feel not only like a speaker, but a companion.

Product Details
Name: Boom Boom
Brand: Binauric 

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