C H A T designed by Imaisde Design Studio

September 24, 2013

The Imaisde studio was born in A Coruña (Spain) in 2006 with the aim of covering a market sector that demanded new design trends to be applied to interior architecture, product design and trade fair stands & events. We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals that have worked for many years in some of the best architecture and design studios in all of Europe.

About the project “Float cool, share friends & shop c h a t” During the last ten years we have experienced an extraordinary social nets revolution that brought us very positive points but which has dramatically changed the way we communicate. Imisde Design Studio and Pablo Crespo Pita created in 2013 c h a t inflatables with the main idea of giving people the chance to communicate, chat, flirt, have fun, relax…all while enjoying these inflatables.

C H A T is composed by 3 amazing colourful and premium inflatables. You have not seen anything like these inflatables on the market. C H A T inflatables are incredibly stable, comfortable and different: the first design inflatables in history. Christina , Henry and Athina are waiting for you.

Each inflatable includes 6 hooks to connect to the others so that you can chat with your friends in the sea, in the sand or in the swimming pool while doing anything else than sun bathe, relax and chat. Each inflatable is specially designed for enjoyment: Christina is for sharing your inflatable while you read a book and your partner or friend is sun bathing with his feet in water on the other side of Christina. Henry is well thought for sun bathing or sitting. Athina is perfect for sun bathing with your feet up. Each model has a premium size: 2m length x 0.90m width x 0.45m height and premium PVC quality.

We believe that innovation is the most important concept and design the best tool for creating it. Design and innovation always go hand in hand and both are the best way to make our clients more competitive in a more and more saturated market and which it is more and more difficult to get into.

Since some time ago new market trends have guaranteed that it is no longer possible to compete neither in price nor in quality: this two factors are within reach for many companies and therefore there are many companies competing amongst themselves.

That is why the only way of competing is by innovating through design and it is precisely in these two areas where Imaisde is the leadership.

Our philosophy is clear: innovation, functionality, creativity and design. By means of absolute, complete innovation, we set ourselves apart from any standard trends, managing to create new brand values and new concepts in any discipline. This helps us to distinguish our clients from the competition and create innovative projects for them which are profitable and very attractive to the consumer.

Imaisde Design Studio
Creative Engineer: Pablo Crespo Pita

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