Collection I by Felice James

February 7, 2018

Collection I: Felice James is a collaboration created by London based Interior Designer Rebecca James and Artisan Andrea Felice. Andrea and Rebecca worked together to figure out the inner workings of each piece, how they will present themselves and what purpose they serve as a design piece.

Andrea’s knowledge of materials was certainly beneficial within the design process; the artisan mainly works with wood as he believes it combines both beauty and functionality to create a well-balanced piece of furniture that can withstand the test of time. Finding the right balance and interplay of materials has been essential for their collection.

The use of Corian has stemmed from Andrea’s love of Bakelite, both from its industrial heritage and popular use in designer jewellery in the 1920s by the likes of Coco Chanel. The Corian gives a modern alternative to the Bakelite and emulates its lustre and feel. Blackened oak gives the pieces softness and adds an organic element. Brass, both solid & liquid, add the contrast to the two darker materials.

This fluid and balanced collection mirrors the sensual curves of the female form, with each piece having been hand-crafted over the course of 8-10 weeks in Andrea’s London-based studio, then signed and numbered in order to assure its provenance. Rebecca drew inspiration from real-life female figures, with each piece’s name holding a symbolic meaning and in some cases, the piece even resembling that who it is inspired by.

Rebecca’s concept was to create a collection that offers feminine pieces for feminine use; her main focuses being elegance, beauty and glamour in all aspects. Collection I is a true collaborative effort reinforced by the pre-existing relationship between Andrea and Rebecca.

Goga Chaise Lounge: A stunning combination of cotton velvet, blackened oak & solid brass that creates a unique piece that oozes timeless elegance. Dimensions: H 77cm x D 75cm x W 197cm, Price: £8,700.

Gaia Console Table: A distinctive console table that uses both liquid & solid brass, blackened oak & corian to create the perfect piece for any interior. Dimensions: H 80 cm x W 120 cm x D 35 cm, Price: £3,995.

Greta Side Table: A beautiful Corian & Sodalite top paired with blackened oak and liquid brass. This side table evokes a dramatic, illusive feel. Dimensions: H 45 cm x W 44cm x D 44 cm, Price: £6,250.

Bisi Stool: An alluring stool that boasts a hair on cowhide upholstered seat to compliment it’s oak & liquid brass frame. Dimensions: H 45 cm x W 40cm x D 40 cm, Price: £2,995.

Kookie Mirror: A piece that truly showcases Collection I’s expertise when it comes to both liquid and solid brass, complimented by Corian and sodalite stones inset to create a mirror with sensuality and allure. Dimensions: H161cm x W59cm x base depth 47c, Mirror: 159cm x W48cm x D4cm, Price: £5,250.

Oriette Dressing Table: Similarly with the Kookie Mirror, both liquid and solid brass are prevolent in this striking piece, with sodalite stone accents. Dimensions: H75 cm x W120 cm x D35 cm, Mirror dimensions: H62cm x W38cm, Price: £6,800.

Iris Credenza: This beautiful limited edition piece consists of blackened oak and brass, with drawers lined in Alcantara fabric – a true statement addition to the home. Dimensions: H65cm x W177cm x D48cm, Price: £14,995.

About Felice James: This is a collaboration created by London based Interior Designer Rebecca James and Artisan Andrea Felice that spurred from a mutual passion for mid-century Italian design and Art Deco. Having previously collaborated on a selection of private projects, the pair decided to fuse Rebecca’s luxury, glamorous aesthetic with Andrea’s flair for modern industrial design and craftsmanship; their Collection I launches this October.

Project Title:  Collection I

collaboration:  Felice James (London-based studio)

Designer:  Rebecca James (Interior Designer)  &  Andrea Felice (Artisan)

launch Date:  October,2017

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