Cooking Tableware by Toshiba

April 11, 2016

Cooking Tableware- What if the electric kettle – normally relegated to the kitchen counter top – could flow elegantly to the coffee table where our guests are waiting? What if a big corporation focused on the domestic landscape and human behaviour, more than just on strict functionalism and performance? The summer of 2014, Lagranja had the great privilege of working on a R+D project with Toshiba to incorporate decorative design to industrially mass produced objects, without giving up the state-of the- art technology.

The every-time smaller residences in over crowded cities like Hong Kong, Tokio or Singapore and the needs faced by emancipated students who usually live in them, brought us to rethink both aesthetics and the function of small appliances. As designers, we design objects according to the function they will perform, but what happens when we switch them off? Why don’t integrate them into leisure rooms instead of struggling to store them? Cooking tableware aims to represent apartments where the room boundaries have diluted and enclosed kitchens do no longer exist.

The set consists of three main utensils, a wireless induction dock, a kettle and a pot made of ceramics, both completed with their cover and wooden handle. The piece’s versatility not only invites to move them comfortably to the table, but also allows to actually cook on it.

Fotografia: Lagranja Design

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