CrowdyHouse for both designers & funders

October 18, 2013

On the 21st of October meet the 18 designers launching with the platform and see their products. Designers such as: Floris Wubben, Marc de Groot and Lizan Freijsen from 16:00 will be available for interviews as well as the CrowdyHouse initiators. Located at the stunning Inkijkmuseum, 5 minutes from Eindhoven station.

Batsenkruk by Studio Nic Roex

CrowdyHouse is a groundbreaking new platform combining crowdfunding with retail. It enables designers to receive funding to self-produce their designs. In return funders get a unique piece of design for a fair price. officially launches at Dutch Design Week, October 21

Big Foot by Tim Vinke

The site aims to bring more opportunities to designers and stimulate the creation of new design. Many good designers struggle to realize their designs due to a lack of funding and/or find the royalties system unfair.


Helix White by Marc De Groot

CrowdyHouse is a solution for both. As a design enthusiast you are in direct contact with the designer from the start, contrary to how you buy design in a shop.

Blokjebank by Ridder & Clown

Marc de Groot, Floris Wubben, Renate Fos and Vilt aan Zee: are just a sample of the 18 designers using CrowdyHouse to put their designs into production.

Heppie by Vilt aan Zee

This new platform comes at a time when the design industry is expanding and diversifying, but many of the traditional funding sources for designers are drying up. The Dutch government has significantly cut their creative industry grants for the unforeseeable future.

From your best side by Janet Emmelkamp

And banks rarely give loans to young design entrepreneurs. ‘CrowdyHouse can be an ice breaker to the industry, a medium that fills the space between the good idea and the design enthusiast, “says Mark Studholme, along with Suzan Claesen initiator of the site.

Concrete by Renate Vos

Stipmos by Lizan Freijsen

Turning Vase by Floris Wubben


Photography: Floris Wubben,  Lizan Freijsen, Renate Vos, Janet Emmelkamp, Vilt aan Zee, Ridder & Clown, Marc De Groot,

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