Cub – designed by Yannick Martin

March 1, 2014

What a surprise it is to discover the geometry of a triangle hidden within an angle of the cube. Yannick Martin trained as an architect, but also works with video, graphic and product design.His latest project is called ‘CUB’: three letters in reference to the three edges of a triangle that appears in the corner of a square table. The concept emerged when Martin, frustrated with the lack of space on his bedside table, began considering ways in which he could get rid of his lamp, thereby freeing up the table‚Äôs surface for another use.Composed of sheets of cork, the table design is made from a sustainable material. The CUB invites you to touch its soft cork and you will be surprised by the lightness of this heavy-looking material. With a block opaque appearance, the light is hidden inside the table, only being visible through polycarbonate sheets that are inserted between the cork boards.A slice made into one corner reveals the unexpected geometry of a triangle, while the light being diffused around the edges plays upon the new found shape.Placed beside a bed, the table will emit more than enough light for reading at night, as well as somewhere for you to rest your book. In a living room, this minimal yet charismatic design creates an atypical bright atmosphere challenging the space in which it sits. Wherever it is placed, however, this unusual table will draw attention, create a soft ambient light and organise the space around it.Martin’s design can be seen as a building that questions different elevations and where light and orientation should appear. It challenges our pre-established perceptions and notions of perspective. Where does the object begin and where does it end? Where does it touch the floor? The object we see during the day is different to the object that we find at night.

Design: Yannick Martin
Photography: Christophe Desaphy & Nico Martin

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