Drinks-Aqua Monaco

February 25, 2013

Aqua Monaco presents Tonic Monaco, Lemon Monaco, Ginger Monaco and Soda Monaco to complete their portfolio with new drinks which are excellently suited both as fillers for high-quality long drinks and as intensively flavoured soft drinks. For Tonic Monaco, Lemon Monaco and Ginger Monaco, the brand with the swan has focused on reduced sweetness and a distinctly tangy note. In their production, exclusively natural ingredients are employed and the sugar content is deliberately reduced. Soda Monaco with its high degree of carbonation is especially fizzy and also profits from the main ingredient of all products. They are produced on the basis of Aqua Monaco, the natural mineral water originating from the “Münchener Schotterebene”.

Tonic Monaco is tonic water with a distinctly bitter quinine note. High-quality Aqua Monaco mineral water combined with only the best ingredients have created an unrivalled tonic. The high degree of carbonation and the fine fizz make Tonic Monaco the perfect filler for mixed drinks, served with a slice of lemon, but it is just as much a fine drink in its own right.

Lemon Monaco is bitter lemon with a tangy citrus taste – refreshing, sparkly and with an intensive flavour. The addition of quinine and selected lemon and citrus flavours turn the natural Aqua Monaco mineral water into a bitter lemon which is ideally suited as a mixer as well as a great tasting soft drink on its own.

Soda Monaco is soda with a high degree of carbonation. Extremely pure Aqua Monaco mineral water from the “Münchener Schotterebene” is provided with this extra carbonation to make it especially sparkling. Soda Monaco can be enjoyed as a refreshingly fizzy soft drink or in combination with high quality spirits.

Ginger Monaco is ginger ale with a zesty ginger note. The finely balanced recipe and the generous degree of carbonation turn natural Aqua Monaco mineral water into a sparkling tangy mixer with a fresh ginger aroma which is also greatly enjoyed on its own.


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