Edi Table by Claesson Koivisto Rune

May 25, 2015

Edi- Since the early days of our architectural practice, we have been asked by a succession of clients to custom-design a simple wooden table for their kitchen or dining rooms. Each time, in order for the table to fit we adjusted the various dimensions in order to achieve the most pleasingly proportioned table for the client’s particular needs.

Over time, as more tables were designed, we developed a set of proportional guidelines that can be used to generate the optimum version of our table design for any given situation.

The design itself harks back to an archetype of a rustic table found in the kitchens and back rooms of farms and country houses in times gone by. Robust, devoid of decoration and gently utilitarian in spirit, the table is composed of a square-section beam connecting the two leg slabs and supporting the rectangular tabletop.

Once we met the master craftsmen, carpenters and people of Nikari, we knew we had found a partner with the know-how and expertise to realise this concept as a true commercial product.

The Edi table design concept is based on proportions, rather than fixed dimensions, meaning the customer can freely adapt the size of the table to their particular situation while always being certain that the results will be well proportioned. In fact, ‘Edi table’ is a play-on-words of ‘editable’ indicating again that the design can be altered to best fit specific requirements.

Careful attention of the Edi table design has been lavished on hidden joint methods as well as taking care of sharp corners by applying a small radius.

Nikari sources its timber from nearby woods that are tended with the principles of sustainability and biodiversity. The Nikari head office, studio and workshop use solely next generation energy from the small hydropower plant located next to their building. Thus, the Edi table is manufactured using 100% renewable energy.

Project Details: 

Project Name: Edi

Project type: table

Design year: 2015

Design: Claesson Koivisto Rune- www.claessonkoivistorune.se

Biography- http://www.descroll.com/biography/claesson-koivisto-rune

Manufacturer: Nikari

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