Electric scooter by Johanson3

April 11, 2015

Electric scooter company Johanson3 has recently announced a $1.3 million investment from Delta Lloyd. The American transportation startup is seeking companies to invest in its expansion overseas. CEO Johan Neerman says funding will pave the way for improved scooter features and a wider market. Alongside Delta Lloyd, Johanson3 is also working with  the USA PPI Group to perfect the scooter design. PPI Group is a Virginia company that focuses on high-tech production and marketing. USA Missouri based frame manufacturer Thompson Choppers has been short listed for frame production. The patented technology of Johanson3’s clean energy vehicles requires the company to use licensing and joint ventures to extend their business. The company prides itself in being able to sell local items in comparison to the low quality imports that compete with it. Neerman seeks to erase the ‘cheap import’ from the market by introducing the electric scooter in a highly added value product range that is versatile, flexible with optimized ergonomic design.

The scooters that Johanson3 offers are lightweight and maneuverable, providing  the speed of power of  a traditional scooter with high payload capacity. Users can also expect state-of-the-art tilting with sufficient autonomy.Not only are the electric scooters easy to drive and transport, but they go beyond the normal expectations for a scooter, exceeding the abilities of any other scooter on the market thus far. Drivers can adjust the height of the handle as need, add or remove a seat, and even welcome riders. There are also talks of developing a brand of luggage to provide the traveler a unique driving experience: “STOP DRIVING START MOVING”In an effort to make commuting more enjoyable and safe, Johanson3 is dedicated to easing the driver experience. Delivering more options such as item and passenger carry allow the driver to mold the scooter to meet whatever needs. The foldable design too aids in adaptability, making the scooter malleable enough to fit in the back of a car or in the corner of a room when not in use.

The design is made up of a 3-wheel skeleton for steady driving. Three engines and removable batteries make up the scooter, able to reach speeds of 50 mph and transport as much as 660 lbs at a time. This top competitor of scooters sells for $3000 USD. 4 batteries packs will provide a range of about 140 miles.Neerman states that plentiful marketing opportunities are available including use for delivery, campus, advertising, leisure, and B2B. The company strives to stay ahead of the game by innovating their scooter until it meets the needs of many more potential customer sectors.


www.johanson3.com www.neermantransport.com.


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