Elkebana by Fabio Milito Paula Studio

March 3, 2015

Elkebana by Fabio Milito Paula Studio- Elkebana is the first wall trophy suitable for vegans. Inspired by “ikebana”, the ancient Japanese art of harmonious floral compositions, Elkebana challenges the idea of traditional wall mounts.

Designed by Fabio Milito and developed by Paula Studios, Elkebana was born as an idea of a personalizable wall arrangement for plant lovers. After our Elkebana concept pictures quickly went viral receiving over 10 000 likes, this collaborative effort is finally been realized through production.

“Elkebana is the first trophy for plant lovers. You just need flowers and imagination.”- Fabio Milito, designer.

Each Elkebana is not only animal-friendly, but is unique and handmade in Italy. Made of high quality birch plywood, solid walnut, solid oak or cork shield, the wall mounts hold the botanical arrangements in the two handblown glass vases.

Elkebana allows the user to arrange a composition of their own, resulting in an ever-changing, colorful creature. Elkebana is created with the hope of transforming the traditional wall taxidermy into a vegan and sustainable wall arrangement.

Contact information:

Fabio Milito Paula Studios http://www.elkebana.com

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