Feel-e-Motion by FabrizioCrisà for Elica

February 5, 2016

Feel-e-Motion – Emotion and interaction: these are the distinctive elements of Feel, the Elica kitchen hood that aims to create a new relationship between person and object. A sensory relationship in which airand light combine with human gestures: Feel follows the principles of interactive design with e>>motion, the system with electronic extraction and lighting control via a simple touchpad on the large panels on the front of the hood.

The panels surfaces’ sizes correspond to the amount of vapour to extract, while the upper panel controls the LED light. For simple, easy cooking, just touch the small panel; for a more powerful extraction, touch the larger one. For an intense cooking activity, touch both. Feel is an experiential, intuitive and stimulating product, whose use goes beyond the concept of a simple home appliance.

The kitchen hood relates with its user on the same level, creating exciting interactivity. Feel is available in four finishes: Noir, Absolute, Desert, Euphoria, Techno and Chocolat.

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