Forbidden Fruit Pendant Lamp by Glimpt

December 15, 2015

Forbidden Fruit Pendant Lamp- When starting to work in Glimpt, our discussions revealed that we were more or less fed up with the part of today’s design world which is all about conceptualizing and creating products for a consumer society without involvement at a deeper level. In order to justify ourselves as designers we felt a need for our work to mean more than just that.

This led us on to the idea of cooperating with craftsmen in poorer parts of the world, thus highlighting their crafts and their cultural tradition and perhaps, in the long run, contribute to creating more work for the local craftsmen.

Ceramic shades hand painted by the brothers Ernest and Wendell at the Potters Workshop in Cape Town. Where does the name Forbidden Fruit come from?

The tactile painted dots on the lampshades and the repetitive sensation when moving your hand over them are evocative of the patterns you can find on some fruit. The bright colours suggest that the fruit may even be poisonous..

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