Furniture design by Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta

April 22, 2015

Furniture design of a meeting room located in the heart of a building office of 5000 m². The project rose and structure itself around two major components : the identity of the client and his needs.

At this time, our client is the National Association of Catholic heads of secondary schools institutions.

We tried trough the project to achieve an impression both timeless and dynamic. Thus the conception of this furniture is sober. It’s manufactured
with materials belonging in the past and in the future.

Leather, solid wood, with inscription sometimes sculpted on it and sometimes with the use of pyrographed.

The project adapts and uses the space for the needs of the Association. The intial plan was the conception of a meeting room in order to hold and host once a month the 22 members of the board of directors.

This program required an important area for a short period of time.

Creating a modular meeting table allowed us to respond to their other needs, either daily or weekly: a friendly eating space, an adapted space for training and development or two meeting rooms.

Libraries mounted on castors and are embedded, thus allowing to create two spaces with separate access.

Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta- Architecture & Urban planning

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