HOI by Martin Hedenström Ljung

October 12, 2015

HOI by Martin Hedenström Ljung had its starting point during a study trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. In the narrow streets in the city centre was a vivid activity. The in-between spaces often function as an extension of the private living room or an extra area for the workshop in adjacent house. Another spontaneous, and illegal, activity in the streets were the outdoor-bars, called Bia-Hoi. Many of these different forms of street-life used cheap plastic stool in various colours and sizes. Stackable and easy to move around if more people are joining or if the police drives by. This type of stools can be found all over South-east Asia.

The HOI stool is a reinterpretation of the Asian plastic stool and a celebration of the street-life in Hanoi. Put in a Scandinavian context this stool is made in ash and with the traditional technic of gluing and bending thin layers of wood. HOI was first presented to public during the Stockholm Furniture Fair, February 2015. During Helsinki Design Week it is presented along with a book and a short film.

Martin Hedenström Ljung, STUDIO LJUNG&LJUNG



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