January 18, 2013

stellavie is a small german design bureau and manufacturer from Hamburg, Germany, that has found its niche in cleverly sampling from a multitude of directions: graphic design/art direction, understanding of materials, modern production techniques and interior/lighting design.

With an obsessive love for details and surprising ideas stellavie creates (among other things today) lampshades that are, simply put, not just lighting accessories.

Beautiful fine paper by various manufacturers is the material of choice for several reasons: its unmistakable tactile nature, its stunning surfaces and colour impressions as well as it general versatility. Each carefully crafted design turns paper into a glowing shade of beauty. Designs can be abstract, delicately arranged patterns, precious embroidery transformed into contemporary pixel-baroque or even concrete depictions like a super petite owl family.

In a nutshell, stellavie lampshades are colourful, creatively rich in love and detail and simply impressive. And yes, they show a lovely illumination as well. Every lampshade can be customized according to a customer’s wishes: may it be choice of paper, measurements or design – recombining these three, unique and custom lampshades can be created in an instant.

As stellavie is currently growing, various new design-projects will be released within the near future – among those will be, next to a soon to be released new lampshade collection, engraved and framed artworks for which the studio will also collaborate with a few other designers and illustrators.

Designer/Design Team: Steffen Heidemann, Viktoria Klein, Luise Becker
Photography: stellavie | design manufaktur


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