Lil’woods by Knock on Wood

November 23, 2016

Lil’woods is new-fangled, stunning collection under the aegis of the Knock on Wood brand that documents the journey of the brand specializing in high quality, contemporary wooden furniture. Building upon its rich legacy of over a decade from its home brand ‘House of Design’,

Lil’woods comprises of exquisite one-fifteenth-scale miniatures that have been crafted using the same materials and techniques optimized by artisans to manufacture the full-sized pieces. Recreated with precision and painstaking attention to detail, each miniature piece is a work of art.

Why Lil’woods? Aarti Agarwal, the designer behind the Knock on Wood brand says, ‘I wanted to showcase the scale and vastness of all my collections that have evolved over the years and document the evolution of design and aesthetic that the brand represents in a manageable space as an overview.

All the pieces of the Lil’woods collection fit together so perfectly, that they tell a story that the onlooker tends to feel a part of.’

Understanding the intricacies of fine furniture coupled with extensive knowledge and attention to detail is the principal designer Aarti Aggarwal. This collection exudes new levels of finesse and is symbolic of her passion towards each product she creates.

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