Mardi Gras Collection by Knock on Wood

July 20, 2016

MARDI GRAS COLLECTION– Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” in French, is the traditional, vibrant street festival celebrated to welcome Spring at the end of Winter. The Mardi Gras collection is contemporary, celebrates bold, vibrant elements and features raw, rustic wood and aluminum. The textured wood is finished to zero gloss for a natural appearance. Dark, walnut stain with black and burgundy undertones creates a beautiful contrast with polished aluminum.

Dining Chair- An elegant curve in wood – the dining chair features shaded silk. The curve in a single piece of wood is textured in a raw, natural finish to highlight the teak wood grains. The only embellishment is the script engraved along the curve.
Specification :- Solid texture wood dining chair in burnt finish.
Size :- 508mm x 508mm x 900mm ht.

Sideboard- The buffet counter is a combination of 3 trolleys , providing a complete buffet solution. The first is a bar trolley , equipped with a wine cooler .The second features an induction table for live cooking option and the third trolley has a warmer and storage.
Specification :- Dining sideboard with texture work / Etching work on shutters.
Size :- 3350 mm x 558mm x 838 mm ht.

The Wall Installation– The wall panel is a composition of 10 discs. Each disc is patterned with concentric circles. Though designed differently they are part of a whole. Adorned with venetian masks and peacock feather wreath the panel is a work of art.
Specification :- Cluster of wooden disc with combination of different finish – Texture wood , Metallic & High gloss lacquer .
Size :- 2400mm x 900mm

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