Miss Vases by Atelier AM

May 18, 2015

When Dutch designer Amber created the Miss Vases under the name Atelier AM, she had an idea in mind; to make a series of vases that are one of a kind. This exclusive diversity has led to the name of the series, Miss Vases, symbolizing the unique and colorful aspects of women.

The series of small cheerful vases come in the same shape, but all of them are truly exclusive. Made from porcelain, in a simple circular shape, the Miss Vases have their unique qualities in the colors, texture and glazing.

Each and every one of the vases is made by hand, so the pattern and the colors are never the same again.

“I make each of them unique, and with love and care, so I started to see them as little humans. With the circular shape and the cheerful colors, they felt like women. That’s why I named the series ‘Miss Vases’.” – Amber

The unique name for each vase describes their appearance. The deep, dark red tones tell the tale of Miss Bloody Mary, while the cool blue patterns of Miss Blue express the open skies, and the earthy colors of Miss Marble speak of nature.

Each vase is a creative journey towards a colorful little Miss, with interesting and sometimes unexpected results. Unlike commercially available vases, every Miss Vase is different and showcases the most beautiful side of diversity.

Atelier AM


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