Nomadic shelter by Inhabitable Estudio

January 29, 2014

Eder Ademar and Fernando Resendiz of inhabitable estudio in mexico city have designed a nomadic shelter for immigrants. The flexible unit offers a safe place for central americans in transit towards the united states, as they often turn to immigrant centers to ask for housing, food and other types of help. The purpose of the project is to provide accommodation in a secure environment and also access to medical and psychological help.

Mexico, is a key country when talking about displacements, not only due to its geographical position, but also for the diverse migration flows that occur in it, as it receives hundreds of people in a daily basis who pass through the country and take it as an exit or as a return path, or even for those who arrive there to stay.As U.S. border security has tightened, Mexican drug cartels have moved in on coyotes, human smugglers who are paid to bring illegal immigrants into the United States.The traffickers now use their expertise in gathering intelligence on border patrols, logistics and communication devices to get around ever tighter controls. They are slowly gaining control of much of the illegal passage of immigrants from Mexico to the United States, U.S. border officials say.During the crossing people are faced with migrant trafficking, slavery, clandestine human trafficking, trafficking of drugs and other substances, and others, which are not only detrimental for the migrants in its transit, but also for the national development and public safety.Only a fraction of the immigrants who start the journey in central america will traverse mexico completely unscathed, and all this before illegally entering the united states and facing the considerable U.S. border security apparatus designed to track, detain, and deport them.

Design: inhabitable estudio
Design team: Eder Ademar and Fernando Resendiz

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