Nuage by Fabrizio Crisa for Elica

June 23, 2015

Nuage is the first hood perfectly integrated into the architecture of the kitchen, in continuity with the wall. It is a “discrete” household appliance due to its sinuous shapes, highly customizable, offering the option to cover the external panel with plasterboard, tiles or paint, allowing therefore a perfect symbiosis with the kitchen and the living room.

It is a filtering hood that can be turned into aspiration hood with back aspiration installation, equipped with intuitive rotary switch and high performance & efficiency motor; lighting by LED strips gives an efficient and natural light effect.

Nuage, in the Sense version, is equipped with a very innovative wireless technology allowing for seamless communication between Lien induction hobs and SNAP, our advanced and smart air balancer. The Lien hob sends information to the hood, which automatically sets the right aspiration and optimizes energy  consumption. When the level of fumes and vapors exceeds the filtering and aspiration capacity threshold of the hood, it immediately starts SNAP that will extract the air in the room.

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