Paintings of Maria Luisa Hernandez

December 20, 2014

Born in Chile, Maria Luisa Hernandez has been a painter for as long as she can remember, starting as a child to make patterns in the kitchen from whatever she could find. After obtaining a Masters in Fine Arts at the Univerity of Chile, she followed her motto of ‘life, love and ambition’, which took her to explore the world and expand her horizons. She was awarded a scholarship in Stockholm and her first solo show took place there in 1998 when Stockholm was the Cultural Capital of Europe. Maria joined the Prince’s Drawing School after moving to London and now has her own studio.

Through her process which she describes as “simple and traditional”, Maria’s paintings show us the edge of light, capturing the moment at which landscapes empty out to be filled with the weave of our emotion. Maria tries to encapsulate through her paintings what she has seen, felt, experienced and lived; the landscape that remains with us, lives on in us. She expresses love and passion by the sea, and is inspired by the rain and sunsets in the spring.

Maria has showcased her work across the globe including London, Dublin, Santiago, Barcelona and New York. In 2009 she was named one of the Future 500 Rising Stars by the Observer in partnership with Courvoisier. Her clients include multinational corporations and prestigious private clients including Candy & Candy and Charlotte de Rothschild.

No matter where she is, she loves what she does, whether it is the surrounding landscape that inspires her, the sketches she draws or the shadows and light around her. In her words, painting is an act of meditation and daily life is work, inspiration, discipline and a romantic routine.


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