Per Meter 01 by Qoowl

March 28, 2015

Per Meter 01- A unique and attractive modular LED-lighting system, ‘Per Meter 01’ blends luminary art with industrial innovation. Combining their knowledge of design and technology, Dutch industrial designers Wisse Trooster and Troy Reugebrink have joined forces to introduce an inventive and customizable LED-lighting solution.

Developed as part of the Qoowl label in Eindhoven and introduced this past year during the Dutch Design Week, ‘Per Meter 01’ is these designers’ answer to conventional luminaries.

“With Per Meter 01 we choose to step away from the standard light socket. Our aim is to give people the freedom to play with light in their home.” – Wisse Trooster & Troy Reugebrink

The use of Asian cedar wood makes these LED beams lightweight and easy to adjust to personal desires.

Cables with jack-plugs on either end allow one to easily link up to four beams in any order. Whether you prefer a single beam above the sofa, or a complex geometric arrangement on the wall, each lamp is one meter long and can be connected with other Per Meter 01’s, allowing for endless styling combinations.

Per Meter 01 incorporates the complexity of both technology and design to deliver an attractive and unorthodox approach to interior lighting.

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