RIZO by Studio Cast Glass

April 4, 2018

Rizo: Studio Cast Glass (SCG) is launching its flagship brand RIZO at Downtown Design Dubai, introducing a new benchmark for luxury with bespoke designs for total living concepts. RIZO is an amalgamation of over 30 years of experience in luxury design with an expert and robust-technical know-how.

RIZO is an embodiment of the intangible belonging and experiential luxury where each piece of work has a story unique to its characteristics much like the eclectic mix of materials.

Beautifully sculpted and handcrafted by passionate, inspired and extremely skilled artisans whose aim is to create art that can be passed over to generations, emphasis is laid on utmost detailing and perfection in bringing to life the carefully curated designs.

RIZO gives those who have a passion for boundary-pushing design the opportunity to engage with contrast. The classic and the dynamic, the minimalistic and the opulent. The brand embodies fearlessness and manifests this in expertly creating truly one off pieces.

RIZO brings together the most creative minds to collaborate on exciting new projects, producing prestigious commissioned pieces of the highest calibre.

A sublime and emotional experience that is meant to stir, RIZO presents a collection of exquisite original and iconic designs of furniture, wall coverings, lighting and architectural accents.

RIZO’s collection consists of furniture, lighting, wall coverings and architectural accents created from an alchemy of the finest materials where glass and coal stand out and are handcrafted into exquisite designs.


Each piece is limited edition and is handcrafted by skilled artisans who combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technology.

Timeless originality and stunning art-like pieces make up RIZO’s designs, lending a distinctive personality to interiors making the collection inimitable, one-of-a-kind and ideal for all design projects and applications.

RIZO surfaces offer unforgiving style and craftsmanship, perfecting any space requiring a statement, element of surprise or classic take with a twist. These surfaces are glamorous and luxurious, ideal for ceilings, walls or even floors for the discerning with a refined taste.

RIZO’s coveted line of luxury furniture is a result of an innate passion for high quality materials and innovation in design where each piece is a functional work of art that emanates exclusivity.

The exquisite mix of iconic textures and finishes create impeccable, long-lasting impressions at palaces, hotels, restaurants, private residences, yachts and even corporate spaces.

About Studio Cast Glass: Connaisseurs of luxury architectural glass, Studio Cast Glass (SCG) is defined by an amalgamation of exquisite design, craftsmanship, value engineering and absolute creativity. As
a multi-material design studio, SCG has produced many bespoke designs which adorn private residences, corporate spaces, restaurants and hotels in India and internationally.

Immersed in SCG’s legacy of over 30 years is a strong manufacturing know-how and expertise in the luxury design industry with a clear focus on product innovation, quality, excellence and uniqueness.

About Kayur Patel : He is the founder and creative director of Studio Cast Glass, India’s first luxury architectural glass art firm. Studio Cast Glass is a multi-material discipline firm, where glass, is the forte. This creative genius, an automobile engineer by education who draws from past experiences in multiple fields, has blended his passion for design with business acumen to bring an innovative global perspective to the newly renamed SCG and its brand RIZO.

Established in 1986, under the name of Glass Fusion, Mr. Patel played a pivotal role in pioneering and offering global art and design connoisseurs an opportunity to experience the aesthetic yet functional versatility of his unique designs. Armed with value engineering, exquisite imagination an craftsmanship, Kayur’s work has the unique ability to breathe life into ideas.

Brand (flagship):  RIZO

Launched at:  Downtown Design Dubai

Architectural Glass Art Firm:  Studio Cast Glass

Head Office & Manufacturing facility: Mumbai

Representative Office:  Muscat, Dubai, UAE

Founder/creative director:  Kayur Patel

Collections:  Luxury furniture, lighting,

wall coverings & architectural accents


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