Scaloro by Carlo Caretta

May 14, 2015

Decorative, functional, charmant.

Scaloro, the new helical staircase Rizzi, brings strongly to the fore the ornamental appearance of staircase within the architectural space. The staircase is no longer a service  accessory  but a real piece of furniture, a protagonist structure capable of characterizing the  livingIn Scaloro, the flowing band of the parapet unrolls upward regardless of the central spiral which, thanks to its light structure, exceeds the heaviness of gravity. The central helical core has both  structural and wiring  functions for the  cantilever  steps containing lighting; the parapet is detached from the staircase by helping the diffusion of the light that marks the pace and enhances the lightness of staircase.

Scaloro is the synthesis of Rizzi Scale where high-level industrial technologies are combined with  craftsmanship: the  steel  laser-cut, bent and  welded for the steps approaches the artfully curved stratified wood for the parapet, the industrial paintings  blend themselves  to  craftsmanship finishes. Just artisan component makes Scaloro as an absolutely customizable product. In fact there are different elements composing  the staicase that can be  choosen according to the tastes and  demands of the customer: the cutting  of the step edge to see against the light, the color of the staircase and the internal and external finishing of the parapet.

As for  all the helical  Rizzi stairs, as a guarantee of quality, precision and easy assembly, Scaloro is pre-assembled in the company before being delivered to the customer. Intersection of functionality and decorum, Scaloro brings strongly the ornamental appearance of staircase within the architectural space. Lightness, the presence of light as a decorative marker, cantilevered steps contribute to define the band of the staircase  that graceful unrolls upwards. Synthesis of high-level industrial technologies combined with  craftsmanship, Scaloro is heavily  customizable according to the tastes and demands of the client.

Name: Scaloro

Design: Carlo Caretta

Company: Rizzi

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