“Scope” – the new Exploration and definition

November 14, 2013

“Scope” design just challenges the border of cognition and expands the territory of experience. It’s also the new Exploration and definition
for existed things and craftsmanship.

Bamboo is a natural material, able to be made as flexible and sustainable contemporary furniture by designers. The design concept breaks through the ductile character of Bamboo and constructs a strength stool.

The small stool can be stored inside the big one.
Designer: Hsiao-Ying Lin , Chin-Tuan Chiu


Material: Bamboo
W32, D32, H68
W28, D28, H42

Flow is a bamboo chair, which you can sit on and enjoy a lazy afternoon.

It is light and free as a cloud, which can give you an easy and relaxing mind.
Designer: Cheng-Tsung Feng, Kao-Ming Chen

Material: Bamboo
Dimensions: W170, D83, H50

Tu  Tu
Bamboo lady, so called the air-conditioner for summer, is the traditional craftwork in the early years of Taiwanese history.

By transforming the bamboo lady into legs of Tutu, the breeze passing through the chair embraces you and brings the relaxation with the lightness and elegance to express the unique Taiwanese sense of humor.

We want to use it in a more creative way, Tutu is not only a well designed chair but also a fine little table for your enjoyable tea time. Designer: Yu-Fen Lo, Su-Jen Su


Material:  Bamboo、Cotton and Linen
Dimensions: W30, D30, H50

Three Generations in One Stool
Traditional Chinese families typically consist of three generations living together, and the family bond is very strong, hence respect towards elders and the passing on of family culture is very obvious.  However, due to the change of Taiwan’s social structure, the number of small families are increasing, while the traditional families of three generations under one roof is gradually disappearing.

This design attempts to fit the modern mindset of furnitures that suit large families, stressing the versatility of space utility.  It’s similar to Russian dolls, where one stool can be separated into three stools of different sizes, and each of these stools can be further detached into two seats, allowing all members of the family to find a suitable seat of their own.
Designer: Tsai & Fanchiang, Mao-Hui Chen

Material: Benihi driftwood、Chinaberry、Formosan China-fir
W45, D45, H52
W38, D38, H48
W30, D30, H45

Commemorating Dailiness
Monuments, milestones, statues, even gravestones, are all made of stones. It’s because lives roll by and vanish, but people hope to retain the transient images and everything represented behind the images, hoping things to be remembered forever.

The combination of daily furniture and stone sculpture at one work represents the implication of displaying “things still alive” and “memorials to passed” at the same time, in remembrance of daily implements, classic forms, and a passed era.
Designer: Che-Chen Kuo, Pei-Tse Chen


Material: Stone
W40, D40, H60
W40, D40, H76




“Scope” means boundary of geography and boundary of concept. “Scope” has noticed the latest oriental design issue and Scope has exhibited in 2013 Milan Design Week in La Triennale di Milano. This project has overcome regional material restrictions and reinterpreted traditional craftwork inspired by oriental beauty. Utilizing natural resources, these five new designs are all handcrafted by Taiwanese craft artists this program unrolls a conceptual design and transformed it as it could be manufacture, customize and commercialize.

Design: “Scope”
Designers: Che-Chen Kuo, Pei-Tse Chen,  Hsiao-Ying Lin , Chin-Tuan Chiu, Cheng-Tsung Feng, Kao-Ming Chen, Tsai & Fanchiang, Mao-Hui Chen, Yu-Fen Lo, Su-Jen Su

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