“Stakes”- Outdoor grill by Roee Magdassi

January 9, 2014

“Stakes” is an ultra-light, portable outdoor cooking grill, suitable for hikes in nature. Three titanium stakes are inserted in the ground and function as legs for the rolled grilling net.The flexible triangle shape enables easy pinning of the grill while avoiding rocks or hard soil.

The stakes and the net fold and are packed into a Cordura fabric case equipped with silicon gripper for operation while the net is hot.“Stakes” creates a new experience of outdoor cooking, and it’s an eco-friendly alternative for the common disposable outdoor-grills. It is durable, folds quickly into its case after use, and washed in the dishwasher at home.Weight: 300 gr. Size: 330*55*55 mm when folded, 320*277 mm when spread (the hight changes according to the surface)

Design: Roee Magdassi

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