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August 30, 2013

The Miss Understood tables reflect Tcherassi Vilató’s spirit: young, playful, functional and different.

It is one of our personal favorites. The inspiration twist from the rockabillies tables from the fifties grants this table a certain style unable to be forgotten. An eyecatcher wherever it goes.

Available in the shown colours.

Carved MDF. Sprayed in colours.
Glossy finish and protective coating.
Gold leaf (optional).
Iroko timber legs.
w.60xd.43xh.45m Kids
w1.20xd.80xh.45m Coffee
w2.4xd1.7xh.79m Dining

Elegance meets Contemporary Chic. Its strategically placed triangular shapes create the perfectly ergonomic lounge chair. The white laquered interior faces give this chair a sense of lightness to the eye. A leather cushion is added for extra head comfort. This chair can easily be made into a big sofa by placing 2 or more chairs together, depending on one’s needs. Its form and angles make this wooden chair a very comfortable one.

Laminated oak plywood in natural and lacquered black and white finishes.
Gold-plated detail.
Leather cushion. w.90xd.87xh.87m

Better than Chocolate Sofa

Let’s Eat

Get all the fun back into your dining room with our Let´s Eat Table! An iron laser cut legs and trayed base, with detachable strips of solid wood top. Can be Bespoke by (+)or(-) every 25cms.

Iron trayed base lacquered in White or Black.
Iron trayed base available in natural Grey.
Iron trayed base also available in Steel.
Solid Wood top.
w2.00xd1.20xh.78m Small
w3.00xd1.20xh.78m Medium
w4.50xd1.20xh.78m Large

Tcherassi-Vilató architects

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