TCM+ branding concept design by Nendo

April 4, 2015

 “TCM+”- A branding concept design for the new cosmetic brand of traditional Chinese medicine.

Branding concept for a new line of skincare products to be launched in Asia, starting with Hong Kong. Traditional Chinese medicine, for which TCM stands, is well-established in Greater China, and so a natural skincare product line concept drawing from this tradition’s principles was sought. According to this idea, the customer combines several products and mixes them by hand, instead of using the products indivisually.

Traditional Chinese medicine relies on the selective mixture of hundreds of natural remedies, with the advantage that formulas can be customised with respect to the exact ingredients used, their relative quantities and timing of application, depending on the physical condition of the person.

Similarly, for example, essences can be of several types, such as whitening, moisturising or anti-ageing, and instead of being supplied as premixed products, the idea was for the end-user to freely customise the mix of ingredients and relative quantities according to their body’s needs, the time of the day, or season.

There was a need, at the product development phase, to standardise the oil content and pH levels to prevent separation, and special processes in manufacturing also allow scents to change depending on the amount of mixing. The name of the brand, “TCM+”, is a reference to the process of “putting together” various cosmetics with traditional Chinese medicinal properties, while the logo appears as a “+” through placing in sequence the letters “T”, “C” and “M”.

Additionally, we came up with a package design “+” that appears when lining up the various products with different properties on a shop or cabinet shelf.

Photos by Akihiro Yoshida

TCM+ :

Megumi Iino / Akihiro Ito ( nendo / PR )



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