Terrain de Sport by Benedetto Bufalino

September 14, 2016

Terrain de Sport- Benedetto Bufalino uses the public space, creating comic, poetic installations that invite us to take a different view of reality. By distorting objects or diverting them from their normal use, he offers a meditation – a game – on the functionality of our living environment.

For La Littorale #6, Benedetto Bufalino has installed a sports field of twenty metres by thirty. So far, nothing unusual. But instead of being chalked in the usual white paint, the boundaries of this field are demarcated by tiles of Siporex-type aerated concrete.

Seen from afar, the outline of this low wall conjures the image of a life-size Lego construction. If you want to get into the field, you have to climb the walls that enclose it like a compound.

This difficult access alludes to the effort required to play in the field. By extension, this artistic manifesto emphasises the geometric aspect of any playing field and hints at the rules, order and discipline required to take part in the game.

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