February 21, 2013


A new mosaic is entering the scene among the vast range of products offered at Ceragres. The SPA series shines because of its elegance, durability, hand-crafted production, refined palette of colours, and aesthetic diversity. Cutting-edge and with a superior quality, this product can be applied to both interior and exterior walls.


“The SPA series is a must for kitchen or bath appointments… This product allows different avenues of interesting decoration to be explored, such as creating a backsplash for the kitchen or bath, a focal wall, or a fireplace surround,” explains Karim Guirguis, Head of Development at Ceragres Tile Shop. “It fits in perfectly with a classic design scheme while adding a touch of elegance to a more contemporary atmosphere. One thing is certain: by integrating this mosaic into your space, you will add both character and versatility at once!”

Ceragres offers six collections of glass mosaic, (Agate, Gendai, Marbleized, Monochromatic and Tozen) and one with a claybase (Momen) taken from the SPA series.

Offered in five colours, two finishes (pearl and silk) and in the Wings Straight format, the Marbleized adds a touch of whimsy to your decor. Thanks to its shimmery and sparkly effect, this collection will accentuate your space and the luminosity of your interior.


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