The True Talker by Studioninedots

July 6, 2016

THE TRUE TALKER TRIGGERS- FabCity pavilion designed around a campfire to welcome and encourage storytellers. This spring, the city of Amsterdam is host to the European Union. On the Marineterrein politicians discuss and decide on Europe’s future, under bright artificial light, with cameras and microphones registering each and every word.

In reaction, at the nearby temporary campus FabCity, Studioninedots built with Stone Cycling a pavilion with a fireplace right in the heart of it. Because a good campfire triggers big ideas and storytelling everyone is invited to sit down, relax and share warming, unreasonable, crazy, unimaginable and hilarious ideas at The TrueTalker.

The True Talker is a cone-shaped pavilion that consists of one wall twisting around itself, triggering people to come in and explore the core. The solid but transparent structure is made from Stone Cycling’s innovative and circular Waste Based Bricks.

During the day, the open brick pattern creates a play of light within the volume – in the dark the pavilion’s surroundings are illuminated from the fire inside, presenting itself as a beacon.

This is the place to sit down, relax, and exchange ideas. Everyone is invited to come to FabCity, to sit down at the heart of The True Talker and share ideas on the future of Europe, the world, mankind or anything else.

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