Trash Closet of left over furniture by lucas en lucas

June 27, 2014

The Trash Closet is a monumental cabinet that is made of leftover furniture that would otherwise end up at the dump.In some cities in the Netherlands it is allowed to put your bulky waste on the edge of the pavement once a week for the municipality to pick it up. In some cities this results in huge mountains of waste that lead to very strange scenes on the streets.For this closet we used furniture that was found lying in the streets of Amsterdam. The ‘urban landfills’ in the streets of Amsterdam inspired us to create a piece of furniture to show that it’s possible to create beautiful pieces of functional art with left over furniture.Most people would consider furniture in the streets as trash, but if you look closer you might find beautiful objects, sometimes even little treasures. The idea was to design an object that is ‘rough’ on the outside but beautiful and clean on the inside. We wanted to show that sometimes you have to look closer to see the beauty of things.This concept resulted in the Trash Closet: a high-end and eye-catching storage unit that is both functional and educational: An aesthetic attention grabber with the purpose of making people conscious that not everything they throw away is trash.The Trash Closet is made of massive wood, 90 % is Oak, a few parts are Pine and Beech Wood and available as a limited edition.

Design: Lucas en Lucas

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