Wireframe TV Cabinet by Luuk van Vliet

May 18, 2015

Dutch designer Luuk van Vliet combines recycled rebar and pine to create the Wireframe TV Cabinet. Inspired by corresponding geometric constructions, Luuk fuses his passion for industrial design and mechanics with his newly found interest in woodworking.

The Wireframe TV Cabinet is designed with the same passion that Luuk discovered early in his life, and drove him to study Industrial Design at Delft University of Technology.

Gathering inspiration from mechanical shapes and objects and discovering scrap pieces of rebar that were leftovers at a concrete factory, Luuk incorporated these steel bars into his work. With advice on the wooden features from his uncle, who is a carpenter himself, the Wireframe TV Cabinet was ready to be made.

“I find it fascinating how mathematics can be used in design and can create something elegant yet efficient.” – says Luuk

The cabinet, with a wooden top that stands on the rebar legs, is designed in such a way that the weight is distributed equally. This gives the cabinet not only a unique appearance, but also makes it practical by creating a sturdy and durable furniture piece.

By placing the scrap pieces of rebar onto a mold, they are welded together, then finished with a black spray coating, and covered with a felt layer to protect the floor.In the Wireframe TV Cabinet, the love for industrial design and the desire for creating make a rare blend of beauty and purpose, as the radiata pine and the rebar work closely together to form this firm yet elegant piece.

Luuk van Vliet - www.luukvanvliet.com

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