502 by Nikhil Juvekar Design Associates

November 12, 2014

Project 502 – It all started with discussions in a bare shell determined to be a commercial space. As we proceeded with the number of meetings, people started relating to the unit number of the premises more than the client himself, hence the name 502. When the client approached us for this project we instantly had a clear agreement that this space will be nothing close to glass cubicles pocketed with branded furniture. The idea was to keep it warm. We have heard about homes being warm, why not a workplace! Everything ticked off from there. 502 is a humble effort of breaking the day to day office monotony.

Process and Design Development:

As the layout was chalked out we soon realized that creating solid partitions would simply compartmentalize the space, especially given a 15’0” room height. Simultaneously it was crucial to maintain the room height in order to feel the grandeur. Hence the space is free from false ceiling; rather it has an exposed concrete ceiling. We simply have retained the existing structural slab with exposed cabling running systematically on a neatly marked route.

As we deal with all our projects, prime focus is on customizing things and objects. All the objects seen in the projects have been designed and customized by our studio. This is more out of passion but incidentally helps maintaining a certain sense of uniqueness. Everything from light switches, light fixtures to furniture has been customized. As one enters the office he is welcomed by the wooden bench against the warm burgundy back drop.

The partitions were to visually occupy majority of the space going from top to bottom. So the design element was a deciding factor in the project. We finalized on a design which was more of a feature than the need. We have used raw wood and plywood slants, with a fine mixture of semi opaque glass. Using materials raw brings out the best in them, natural at its best.

The glass breaks the monotony of wood and also shows the occupancy of the respective room. The furniture is detailed to the requirement with solid wood tables and minimal storage. Freedom remains a fundamental factor in every performance. We usually see the heads of an organization with large tables, than why make the staff work with partitioned cubicles!

It is very significant to be able to have a dialog along with having your own designated space. Hence the staff tables here have no partitions between them unlike typical workstations. It adds up to the spacious and free way of working.

There had to be a diversion from the wood work happening all around. Hence an exposed brick wall was constructed which also houses a pantry behind it. It is the focal point and feature of the space against which the black fabric suspended lamps stand out.

The floor is quite a spread and needless to say a base. We had to take care that the flooring shouldn’t dominate the ambiance and on the other side also shouldn’t go unnoticed. Considering this an Indian stone was shortlisted. We deliberately choose two separate lots of the same stone which forms a random pattern within itself.

Further a mirror polish gives a sleek feel. In spite of most of the work places being air conditioned, the stone flooring allows a certain drop in the degree of atmosphere making the space cooler. This especially matters in hot conditions of Mumbai.

The walls are painted with exterior paint to maintain the rough and frosty feel on the “dana” textured cement walls. The walls are left unpainted beyond a certain height which then merges with the exposed concrete ceiling.


Nikhil Juvekar Design Associates:



Principal Designer: Nikhil Juvekar

Studio Assistant (NJDA): Rohan Mistry

Carpentry: Rajesh Sutar Sharma

Civil: Sunil Parmar

Electrical: Sujit, Sameer

Project Manager: Kiran Bangera

Photo Credit: Saki Naidu, Nikhil Juvekar

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