Abhishek Zaveri by DCA Architects

April 28, 2017

The store ‘Abhishek Zaveri.’ is an epitome of grandeur within the context of conventional and modern Indian high- end jewelry. Located in the Iscon Centre of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, this very eclectic showroom is a manifestation of the luxe, exquisite elements that symbolise the brand ethos.

The inherited layout of the site was long and narrow, which in spatial planning has been sliced into different zones to meet the requirements.

The first zone is small with a grand entrance foyer- like a temple, followed by the large retail zone that houses the jewelry collection, followed by a narrow space that houses the toilet/pantry.

The site is finally closed with a cosy lounge/office zone. This zoning is also reminiscent of old temple layouts which had zones and transitions planned in a similar manner.

The showroom is designed with lots of luxurious elements and accents such as inlay in the flooring, grand chandeliers, gold foil as accents, luxe lamps and core lighting, metal jallis etc.

All these feature elements are very Indian in nature and are contemporary manifestations of traditional Indian culture, just like the brand itself which is renowned for their Indian traditional jewelry.

All furniture is crafted in authentic Indian teak wood with linseed oil finish.The flooring is deep red marble, while the walls are adorned with special frames of Indian origin as well.

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