Anand Jewels by Group DCA Architects

June 12, 2017

Anand Jewels- Located in a prime suburban location on one of the busiest roads and in the prominent shopping district of Indore, Anand Jewels is a large-format, luxury jewelry store spread across 4000 sq. ft. of retail space. Housing original and exclusive jewelry across all price points, the design brief from the client enforced a design strategy that would target customers across all income levels.

The design strategy was simply to provide a top end luxury and welcoming environment to all customers. Evoking an aura of elegance and splendor simultaneously, through its refined, luxuriant façade, a robust and impressive entrance welcomes the visitor. Enabling local craft and embracing traditional culture, a rich solid stone mass with intricate carving exhibits the luxury element of this store that is symbolic of exquisite design. A complete floor has been exploited for signage with a large LED screen that demonstrates branding, promotions and offers.

A double height space enables air of grandeur in the entrance lobby, further solemnized by the use of a classic chandelier that formalizes the area effectively. Strikingly detailed in the rich Golden Empress stone flooring at the centre, a simplistic temple on one side fortifies the sacred rituals and a standing counter stand at the other end.

In sync with the design intent, the layout of the store has been planned in a strategic manner that transitions and progresses in line with the luxury quotient of the product line. The display system developed is hence modified to express this in a unique manner, where shelves serve the function to showcase variety and ease of access and views, whilst windows in the first floor signify the reduction of varied numbers while augmenting exclusivity.

Inheriting an old structure with low heights and numerous columns, the building has been creatively crafted for optimum function and utility, while maintaining the design spirit intact. The original columns have been exploited to generate different zones within the store, and monolithic columns have been appended to create a unique identity to showcase the different products, while seamless maintaining design uniformity and harmony.

A sense of drama aids the buying process; by retaining the columns, a glass room with mannequins has been crafted to achieve a level of visual merchandising never before seen in a jewelry store. Additionally, lounges are spread out through the store to encourage customers to relax while shopping.

A carefully balanced and integrated lighting design incorporates windows, shelves and ceilings to achieve optimum focus on the focus products and special collections while ensuring complete visibility in the store. Accent lighting is used to focus on key areas and LED lighting hidden from the cornices, and other types of lamps and chandeliers have been used for accentuation. Classic, luxurious furniture with leather curated chairs and sofas is used to add an element of opulence and indulgence, while engaging in the extravagant process of jewelry shopping.

Geometric designs as seen in the Italian flooring with classical stark combinations are further enhanced by the display’s mirror patterns, creating a dynamic play of reflections. While design emphasis is placed on showcasing opportunities, the store nevertheless succeeds in demonstrating elegance and preserving all attention on the jewellery itself. The design of the store epitomizes sophistication and is a truly authentic, luxurious jewelry store true to its details meant for all masses.

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