AP Residence by KdnD Studio

June 6, 2017

AP Residence- The residence is located in a prime property in south Mumbai enjoying the expanse view of the infinite ocean from every corner of the house. Like most real estate developed in the seventies and the eighties not only is the square footage of the residence luxurious but the shell of every room is very decently sized. As a designer the aspect of creating design can be a challenge when the shell itself does not bear any potential. The first attempt in design here was to clean up the plan with respect to spatial organization and also flood the apartment with as much of natural light as possible with large floor to ceiling windows. Once the attempt to bathe the house in light was achieved along with the spatial brief of the client being fulfilled, the exercise in this house was to give a modern chic look to the apartment that boast of its erudite hosts and their envious art collection.

The project is an exploration of materials/textures in geometries. This begins with the entrance corridor leading to the living room treated in vertical pin stripes. The Hallway seating is accommodated by a created niche flanked by vertical utility storage camouflaged in pinstripe design. The door leading to the kitchen is also concealed in similar aesthetics.

At the end of the hallway is a geometric swing door designed to keep privacy of the living room beyond. On entering the living room one truly understands the location of the apartment with views of ocean beyond. The entire living room has exposed brickwork with carefully raked mortar painted in white. This is contrasted with white polished marble. The balcony dents itself into the living room to form a larger deck on one side where the informal seating is designed.

Opposite side houses the formal seating with the piano crested against a brick wall. Two large artworks of famous artists adorn the setting. A bar cabinet in geometric pattern in stained veneer and geometrically shaped center tables in various materials add to the overall ambiance of the place. The guest room is accessed from the living room. The large artwork that rests above the headboard was the first to get confirmed in the design. Its subject was very “Indian” and the design took its cues from it. Though the shell design and lines have been kept modern the wardrobe has various shaped and styled molding juxtaposed with mirror dressed onto its shutters.

A deep shade of blue in the form of silk wallpaper (again a cue taken from the artwork) helps to become the backdrop to the art on the remaining walls of the room. The house is symmetrical on both sides of the living room. But due to the program from the clients its eccentricity evolved and helped the design. On one side the program for the dining room, powder toilet and kids room with their study was formed and the other side developed into a media room with its possibility of being attached to the master bedroom suite.

An independent dining room is a luxury statement in itself today. But designed with tasteful art on concrete walls and geometric suede cutwork ceiling with hanging modern chandeliers adds to the effect. The powder toilet is a modern interpretation of renaissance style. The children’s bedroom has an attached study. The clients wanted the flexibility of them functioning in tandem and independently. The wardrobes with geometric pattern on them unify the two spaces when connected and adds the necessary design quotient to the space.

The bedroom indulges in some galaxy backlit lighting to create a mood setting for the kids. The study has blackboard which are cleverly disappear into the walls and when pulled help to screen the room from natural light. The media room accessed off the living room bears a study desk concealing the heavy AV equipments below it along with the wine cellar.

The invisible speakers incorporated behind the textured wall allow for the space to have a much uncluttered look. The master bedroom explores textured fabric for its wardrobe shutters and stucco paint for its walls. Leading from here is a bathroom with a minimalist approach to design. The fluted textures on the basin are echoed on to the shutter storage. Overall the house maintains an elegant understated look allowing the end user to highlight their prized possessions.

AP Residence was done in KdnD Studio LLP
Partners: Ar Anand Menon, Ar Shobhan Kothari & Ar Kiran Kapadia
Completion year: 2016 Area: 3500 Sqft,
Location: Mumbai Maharashtra
Credits for photography-Sebastian Zachariah
Web site: www.kdnd.in

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