Aurora lamp – leonardo

August 2, 2014

Aurora is the result of a research of dynamic balance between form and lines. A static object, but due to the effects of light and slender forms, appears in motion.

The shape is inspired by aircraft of the new generation, this gives an “aerodynamic” effect to the lamp.
LED light source, metal plate, painted in matte black or white.

Molocko, the light that accompanies the sunset, which penetrates through the forms, which intersects with lines dictated by the contrast.

The linearity of a shape such as a cube, interrupted and displaced from its geometric nature, accentuated by a light source that tries to expand, as if to break the perfection of a geometric shape, such as the opposition of non-transparent material to the passage of light .

The conflict between the forms enclosed in the same object, generates a tension, amplified by a light source that drives the light to be channeled into every crevice.

The same forms coexist and remain in balance, suspended in time. White wood lamp/furniture, light source with low energy light.

After studying architecture at the University of Florence, I worked with poltrona frau and Gebruder Thonet Vienna. I spent two years in London to work with, Jake phipps and Mark Gabbertas. Now I work with several companies in developing new products, and graphics, and I like to create unique and made by me, in Italy. I’m fascinated by everything that surrounds us, new technologies and new materials. Design, create, and invent is something that I feel inside me, and I cannot oppose it. I’m “addict” to design. We need passion and love to make your dreams come true.

Designer: Leonardo

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