Bonaldo Showroom in Shanghai by Mauro Lipparini

April 10, 2018

Bonaldo Showroom: The concept for the new showroom in Shanghai was designed by architect Mauro Lipparini with whom the brand has partnered successfully for years. The project spans a surface area of 350 square metres and it is customised by the Bonaldo atmospheres which distinguish the brand’s showrooms and booths across the globe, devised fully to represent its image and authentic philosophy.

Inside, it showcases its most iconic products along with recent collections, shown in the sizes and finishes most in demand by the Oriental market, in a setting with neutral materials and chiaroscuro shades.

November 2017 Bonaldo, an established brand in Italy and across the world famous for its designer furniture and furnishings manufacturing, was set up in 1936 and, over 80 years of business, it has always retained a core that is 100% Made in Italy. Tables, chairs, furnishings, sofas and beds are made exclusively in Italy and exported all over the globe, using the most sophisticated technologies and the finest materials, picked carefully and certified for their authenticity.

From the Far East to the United States, from Australia to New Zealand, from South America to Africa and even the Middle East. Bonaldo, a designer furniture manufacturer, strengthens its worldwide presence with a focus on China.

The Chinese market is of strategic importance to the 100% Made in Italy brand that has also got a footing in Shanghai, the country’s economic and financial heart, where Bonaldo inaugurated a new showroom on the 27th November.

After Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, Shanghai is the fourth showroom venue in China which, for Bonaldo, constitutes one of the most important outlets on a worldwide scale, both in terms of space and also due to its key position.

This new achievement testifies to the brand’s growing popularity among an international public, thanks to the company’s unique ability to capture the mood and styles of individual countries with living room solutions designed to accommodate specific domestic requirements.

This positive trend is further confirmed by the foreign exports volumes, which have grown significantly year after year. Indeed, China represents one of the most promising markets with huge potential, currently making up 7% of Bonaldo’s export quota.

This figure is set to grow, in a country that is increasingly charmed by the Made in Italy style and by the company’s valuable guidelines: passion, research and quality. The company boasts full in-house production located in the Veneto region, relying solely on local suppliers and skilled local craftsmen, to demonstrate its strong bond with the territory and its roots.

A company that is truly Made in Italy with a keen eye on international inspirations and trends, thanks to a fortunate series of partnerships with major designers, which is one of the brand’s distinguishing features. Bonaldo was able to create its own unmistakable style, which is based on certain highly distinctive features such as colour, harmonious shapes and silhouettes, functionality and also comfort.

With a line ranging from the most modern products to the most sophisticated and elegant creations, Bonaldo has the perfect solution for all furnishing requirements, thanks to its extensive quality product range, marked by personality, dynamism and attention to detail.

Brand Title:  Bonaldo

Location:  Shanghai

Type:  Showroom

Designer/Architect:  Mauro Lipparini

Collection:  Designer Furniture & furnishings

Product Manufacturing:  Italy

Surface Area:  350 sq.m.

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