Café Ineko by Francois Champsaur

November 14, 2017

Café Ineko: It takes the name from its founder, Inès de Villeneuve, who made this vibrant café her personal project after leaving her job as marketing director at Louis Vuitton. Her intention was to create a place of vivacity, where Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine would be available to savour there or to take away.

Café Ineko offers sweet and savoury pastries, made with flours from ancient grains all sourced from Mediterranean regions such as the south of France and Majorca. The café also offers biodynamic wines, carefully sourced from family estates in Provence and other regions of France. In keeping with the simple and cosy surroundings, the café’s boutique sells artisanal objects, produced exclusively for Café Ineko, such as ceramics, knives and wooden boards.

Interior architect Francois Champsaur devised and designed this café, succeeding in transforming a difficult and obscure space into a glowing, welcoming sanctuary; a place where you can almost feel the Mediterranean breeze as you settle in and relax.

The café’s wooden façade was designed in keeping with the heritage of the building, which dates back to the 17th Century and opens completely on to the interior patio during the summer – a direct invitation to step inside.

Francois Champsaur created a succession of different spaces to minimize the feeling of being in a hallway. You first enter by the interior patio, with its antique tile flooring, hanging vegetation, and vintage tables placed here and there. You immediately forget the hustle and bustle of the Parisian streets and are instantly plunged into the world of the Mediterranean.

A second façade, made of glass and reminiscent of an atelier, overlooks a large plaster bar whose sweeping curves almost make it a sculpture in its own right.

In the centre of the café, a glass skylight has been completely restored, bathing the entire interior with natural light creating a warm and intimate yet sophisticated atmosphere. In the back of the café is a large and welcoming chef’s table that overlooks the beautiful open kitchen, which can be seen from the entrance.

Champsaur chose authentic and natural materials, and some parts of the café were deliberately not touched in order to keep the soul of the place, such as the white polished concrete floor, bare stone walls, pulled plaster, white painted wooden planks, and the old terracotta tiles on the entrance floor.

For the interior design, Champsaur chose pieces specifically designed for the café (the plaster bar made on site by an artisan, the plaster and metal shelves, and the chef’s table made of solid oak) to skilfully create a perfect balance between the old and the new. Champsaur then delicately integrates them with sourced furniture pieces, such as the iron patio tables and chairs, and combines these with exceptional treasures like chestnut log chairs made by French craftsmen.

The Mediterranean baskets and plants, provincial façade, vegetable inspired lithographs, and the African wax cushions give the café a feeling of being at home or a cottage in the South.

Here, farm-to-table food harmonises with artisan crafted materials. The raw products have been kept true to their natural state as much as possible, allowing them to emanate their positive and biodynamic energy into the space.

Project Title :   Café Ineko

Founder :   Inès de Villeneuve

Project Location :   13 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris

Interior Architect Designer :   Francois Champsaur

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