Café Pan by GeoID

March 6, 2017

Café Pan- When multidisciplinary branding and design studio GeoID was called upon to design the interior of a unique new restaurant in the historic and fashionable district of Karakoy, Istanbul, they were inspired by the contrast between the restaurant’s eclectic surroundings and its traditional Turkish cuisine on the menu.

GeoID designed the café to have a contemporary aesthetic, while still maintaining the key historical elements of its surroundings.

Firstly, the idea of mythological gods as a key theme came to mind when the team chose Pan, the Greek god of the wild, as a focal point after the café’s name.

GeoID’s other source of inspiration was drawn from the Renaissance era and its use of painting and murals to cover the walls and ceilings of a space.

Thus the design studio combined Greek mythology with the Egyptian art of hieroglyphs, following the unique line style while creating their desired icons.

Only straight and circular marks were made in the drawings of the mythological gods to maintain a geometric form.

The graphics represent the retelling of myths which start from the wall and continue throughout the ceiling.

Tiles  and plywood were used in the kitchen to create a more traditional feel – a modern, cozy and private kitchen-of-a-home atmosphere.

The café embodies where old meets new, blending an electrifying ambiance with delicious dishes, to create both a familiar and unconventional experience.




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