February 17, 2017

CODE- As a multidisciplinary design studio, GeoID was commissioned to create a comprehensive brand identity for CODE – a luxe health club located on the coast of Istanbul in the popular Aqua Florya Mall – through exquisite interior design.

To accomplish this, GeoID determined a target customer, selected a story plan to bring the space to life, and constructed the interior to create that definition.

CODE brings glamour to fitness by combining the chic and the fit to create a relaxed, cool elegance in which to enjoy members can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

CODE by GeoID is your third dynamic space. It is a familiar, conceptual space unlike a home or an office. CODE includes a restaurant, gym and hair salon in which visitors can relax and enjoy in the most modern way.

As an overarching element of the brand concept developed for CODE, GeoID devised a particular “code”, or tone of the space, which informed every design decision.

Colours and materials were selected in respect of this code. The code that was chosen to be the groundwork of the interior and the brand identity was thought as a person who is modern, fit, elegant and stylish.

Refined prints and patterns, rich navy and gold colours, marble, leather and wood elements define the interior of the conceptual space.

Sleek and confidently refined finishes highlight the lobby. A solid white panelled reception area in the centre of the room contrasts smooth dark wooden wall panelling around its border. Green tones and fresh plants add subtle décor for a clean and crisp look.

Embodying similar tones, the restaurant showcases minimalistic fresh adornments. To reflect the club’s active, health-conscious clientele, marble countertops and solid navy tiled walls were chosen for the restaurant. Touches of brass and rich wooden furniture add to the ambiance by maintaining a chic and comfortable feel.

To meet the demands of the top star trainers and workout classes the client provides, GeoID created a Pilates and dance studio, a spin-class area, private workout rooms and spaces for machines and weights.

Maintaining the brightness of the of its counterparts, the gym contains large contemporary lights mixed with natural wooden walls and flooring and olive green curtains.

An area typically overlooked in health clubs, the locker rooms at CODE were given full consideration by GeoID. Respected as a space to refresh and prepare for the day or to relax after a long day at work, the locker room combines the sleek white panelling of the reception area with the deep navy tiles and marble of the restaurant, reflecting the perfect balance and harmony GeoID applied throughout this dynamic, conceptual space.

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